Every few releases it’s always a good idea to update your SOLIDWORKS templates to the latest version you and your company are currently using. Being one of the techs on the VIBV HelpDesk team, we run into the rare occurrence that a part, assembly or drawing seems to have become corrupt. It’s even more rare that we find that multiple files fail to open; this is when we start looking at the templates being the culprit.


With CAD software continually updating, you wouldn’t want to design your new parts in old templates. Similarly, would you want a template from Microsoft Word 5.5 to be used in your Microsoft Word 2016?


Over many years, during the normal upgrade path of SOLIDWORKS, templates get changed, updated and saved in the current version of SOLIDWORKS. This should allow the users to have templates that are of the best quality to start their new part, assembly and drawing file(s) with. However, as with any program on Windows, templates can have problems. The steps below are how to get a fresh set of current templates created and, if so desired, to copy the Drafting Standard and Sheet Format (title block) over to the new template(s).

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