2D & 3D CAD - Quality Assurance/Quality Control

4 Level Procedure

VIBV assures the highest degree of quality and accuracy for each converted 2D CAD file or 3D model. Converted CAD files are checked and re-checked to make sure that all CAD standards were followed and that the documents have been converted accurately.


VIBV performs four levels of quality control (QC) for each converted CAD file. If errors are detected at any level, the file is returned to the original CAD operator for corrections. Once corrections have been made, the file re-enters the Level 1 – 4 QC process again. Upon successfully passing each level of QC, the converted CAD file is distributed to the client. The information below outlines the VIBV QC procedures:

1. Level 1 QC:

Level 1 QC is handled by the CAD operator. He/she re-checks all line work, dimensions, layering, text, spelling, title blocks, xrefs, etc to ensure that the new CAD file matches the original drawing exactly.

2. Level 2 QC:

Level 2 QC is handled by the CAD manager for an accuracy check. At Level 2 QC, the CAD manager also re-verifies the line work, dimensions, layering, text, spelling, title block, xrefs, etc of the CAD file for accuracy by comparing it to the original document. The CAD manager will carefully note any errors or omissions. If any trouble spots are found, the manager will return the CAD file to the operator to correct the problems.

3. Level 3 QC:

Level 3 QC is a thorough 3rd review of the corrected CAD file to ensure all issues have been resolved. The file will only move on when 100% accuracy has been achieved.

4. Level 4 QC:

Level 4 QC requires only a visual comparison between the new CAD file and the original drawing. The AutoCAD DWG, SolidWorks SLDDRW, or Inventor IDW file is exported to PDF format. Both color and black/white PDF files are generated. The appropriate color table files for plotting are attached to the project. The completed files are ready to be transferred electronically to the customer. The files are zipped for transmittal via email, Dropbox, FTP, Hightail, or CD-ROM. Upon completion, VIBV automatically archives all electronic files in case they are needed in the future.

Technical Support

VIBV staff works closely with every customer to make sure the final CAD files match the requirements of each project exactly. Our in-house architects and engineers review your source drawings, along with any special requirements required for your project. Special requirements may include anything from layering guidelines to file naming conventions. If need be, a technical staff representative will get in touch with you to clarify details before we get started. For large projects, we recommend starting with a sample conversion. Include your specifications for layering, blocks, symbol libraries, title blocks, fonts and we will prepare a sample file in 1 or 2 days for review. You may provide redline markups/comments and we will update the file. Once approved, this CAD sample will become the “template” for the remaining drawings in your project.