About Panel Layouts


Panel Layout tools create intelligent mechanical / panel layout drawings. Here are the key features:

  • Layouts can be driven from information carried on the AutoCAD Electrical schematic wiring diagram drawings or they can be constructed independently of schematics.
  • AutoCAD Electrical places no requirements on special naming or attribute requirements on mechanical footprint symbols. Vendor-supplied footprint symbols, in AutoCAD format, can be used as is with AutoCAD Electrical.
  • Bi-directional update capabilities allow certain schematic wiring diagram edits to update the panel drawings automatically and vice versa.
  • Wire number, wire color/gauge information, and connection sequencing data can be extracted directly from the schematics and annotated on to the panel footprint representations.
  • AutoCAD Electrical extracts various reports from these smart panel layout drawings including panel BOM, panel component/item lists, nameplate reports, and schematic versus panel exception reports.

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